Infographics and Running

I have been playing about with infographics of late but before constructing any sensible, work examples, I thought it would be fun to put together something about my running.

Running infographic

The website is and you can easily set up a free account which allows you to create a number of different infographics (some I have demonstrated) and allows you to share them via twitter, facebook, pinterest and apparently also to embed them (but I can’t get that to work on WordPress).  You can also add pictures and videos which I have not tried.  A paid account ($18/month) allows you to be able to download them as pdf, png (for inclusion in documents etc) a couple of few extra styles and real-time updates.  The premium version at $50 a month removes branding and allows you to add your own logo.

The site is fairly intuitive but there is no guide – I can’t help thinking I’m missing something or maybe there’s a better way of doing something, but there doesn’t seem to be any instruction in this.

Anyway, what have I learned from this?

  • Less is more!  My infographics are way too busy but, I wanted to show all my running – I wouldn’t produce something so cluttered and busy for work (yes, I know, I just wrote a 60 page report for work…maybe I haven’t quite grasped this less is more thing yet)
  • I have never run a race (or even a parkrun) in January.  there’s a simple target for 2015!
  • I have run two races in a month on seven occasions
  • I have run a race in March every single year (2009 I didn’t start until September) – and if I run a race this September, I will have run a race in September every single year too! (Gets diary out….)
  • There are some other things I want to chart, so I may well produce more infographics soon
  • I need to learn how to embed them via WordPress!

2 responses to “Infographics and Running

  1. Are the other infographics packages you have looked at?


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