23 Things – Thing 5 Personal Brand

Here we are in week two of 23 Things (see my earlier post here); this week we are to consider our personal brands and <eep> google ourselves.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Here is a site with some good quotes about personal branding.

Searching my actual name brings up some other people with the same name as me, but once you start putting in extra parameters, my LinkedIn page comes up pretty high.  Adding “data” also pushes up LinkedIn and Twitter, which is terrific if I am setting myself up as a data/analytics person, which I am hoping to do so.  Googling “psylina” puts my Twitter feed up top, this blog comes up fairly high, and an entry about my race time from my running club but it appears I also share that name with a horse, so apologies to those readers wanting to hear about my shiny coat/mane – wrong Psylina!

Overall, I am relieved to find my online presence much as expected – those things I invest time in (LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog) come up fairly quickly, but in not a too obvious way and there does not seem to be much that is unsolicited.


I had a peek at the Bonus Thing 1, setting up your own website – but, I think this blog is enough!

Here’s to week 3.


What do you think?

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