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23 Things – Things 21 & 22

Thing 21

This Thing talks about Skype, Google hangouts and other online tools for discussions.  I have used Skype to chat with family members, and Google Hangouts seems to have grabbed hold of all my text messages on my phone which I don’t really understand and kind of wish it would stop.

From a work context I think the ability to share screens would probably be useful – I can then indicate that I am talking about this figure here and perhaps share my methodology (go to this menu, select this option, perform this action).

Thing 22

Doodle is the subject of this Thing – it’s an online tool which allows you to schedule meetings or activities by setting up options and then emailing over to allow people to choose/vote.  I have not set up a Doodle myself, but have participated in many – in fact, in my circles it is becoming part of the vernacular with people just saying “I’ll set up a doodle…” almost as easily as they would say “Let me just google that”.

That reminds me….I have a doodle survey to complete on when I can make Christmas drinks…I’d better go!


23 Things – Thing 20 Document Sharing

Thing 20 looks at document sharing via Google Drive and Dropbox.  Google Drive replaces Google Docs. I have used Google Docs in a work context before with colleagues updating a snagging list – this seemed to work quite well, allowing us all to edit and not having to resend the updated version.

After logging into Gmail, I clicked on the apps button and found Google Drive – I saw that there were already some things in there!  So I deleted some of them and replaced with my races spreadsheet (a spreadsheet of all my race performances, which I am often updating on various pcs when I get the time and can get at my results), I also popped in there a copy fo my latest CV (you never know when that might come in handy).  Hopefully this will make it easier for me to send these documents to people, though I wouldn’t want to share them in terms of collaboration (actually, maybe my race results could benefit from a bit of collaboration from Paula Radcliffe) – I have to update my race results soon so let’s see how I get on.


Of course, for work purposes you have to be careful in terms of sensitive data (and I always seem to be working with sensitive data, so not sure how useful it would be for certain aspects of my job, but maybe for collaborating on coaching training plans with my support coach/coachee it might be useful?).



23 Things – Bonus 6 Researcher IDs

23 Things is aimed at researchers so this Thing was quite interesting; encouraging researchers to create a Researcher Identifier – this helps distinguish researchers with similar names, increase your visibility (and the chance of your work being read/cited).

Despite not being a Researcher, I do have a publication so I decided to set up an ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) – others are available, but this seemed like the simplest one.  So, here is my ORCID page I can see this would be extremely useful to Researchers and it makes me feel a teensy bit academic!


23 Things – Thing 19 Linking

Thing 19 tells us to post a link to something that we have created and see what happens.

One thing suggested was to sign up to to both shorten and track the link. I have seen links all over the place, but had never really considered using them myself.  Signing up for an account was super easy – I signed up through Twitter in (literally) seconds and then pasted my link text into the box and the top with the orange fish (why an orange fish I have no idea) and ta da – a pane opened on the right with my new link in it.

So here is my link.  This link is to my dissertation on Ancient Greek runners, published on Kindle.  And if you hurry and click-through in the next couple of days, it’s free!

I know, I need to get a cover done.

I know, I need to get a cover done.

My link aside, looks like a very interesting tool – I hope some people click on my link so I can see what the stats look like!

23 Things – Thing 18 Referencing

Thing 18 encourages people to look at referencing management tools.   Wow; if only these had been around when I was doing my BA or MA!  I used to take rubbish notes on references as I went along, then once I had finished my essay/dissertation, begin the painstaking job of tidying them up, formatting and ensuring consistency.  Tedium incarnate.

Still; if I ever head back into academia (I would still like to do an MA in English Literature), I will certainly make use of one of these tools.  As an explanatory note – these 23 Things are 23 Things for Researchers, so I quite expected some to often have limited relevance for me.