23 Things – Thing 20 Document Sharing

Thing 20 looks at document sharing via Google Drive and Dropbox.  Google Drive replaces Google Docs. I have used Google Docs in a work context before with colleagues updating a snagging list – this seemed to work quite well, allowing us all to edit and not having to resend the updated version.

After logging into Gmail, I clicked on the apps button and found Google Drive – I saw that there were already some things in there!  So I deleted some of them and replaced with my races spreadsheet (a spreadsheet of all my race performances, which I am often updating on various pcs when I get the time and can get at my results), I also popped in there a copy fo my latest CV (you never know when that might come in handy).  Hopefully this will make it easier for me to send these documents to people, though I wouldn’t want to share them in terms of collaboration (actually, maybe my race results could benefit from a bit of collaboration from Paula Radcliffe) – I have to update my race results soon so let’s see how I get on.


Of course, for work purposes you have to be careful in terms of sensitive data (and I always seem to be working with sensitive data, so not sure how useful it would be for certain aspects of my job, but maybe for collaborating on coaching training plans with my support coach/coachee it might be useful?).




What do you think?

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