Monthly Archives: January 2015

Data Scientist MOOC

Some of you intrepid readers (again, hello mum) may remember I started a MOOC on writing a while ago.  Sadly, work went absolutely mental and I didn’t manage to progress beyond week 3 of 8.  I fully intend to pick it up again in the near future (ah, the joys and benefits of MOOCs!) and complete it.

However; I stumbled across a thread in LinkedIn which pointed me towards a different MOOC site, namely Coursera – this seems to be more US based and is a bit more computer/data-centric.

Anyway, I decided to start out with (because it says 4 weeks and only 1-4 hours a week, so I should be able to manage that) a course called the Data Scientist’s Toolbox, the first of 9 courses in their Data Science specialization. The course will also introduce me to some web-based software called GitHub (I’m sorry, I can’t help but snigger every time I read/write that). Other courses go on to look at R which should be useful; I have currently only used SPSS.

The course starts Monday 2nd February.


Careers Article in March PC Pro

A brief, shameless plug; look who is in this month’s PC Pro magazine!  Every month PC Pro profiles a particular career in IT and this month was the turn of the data analyst:

The article! March 2015 PC Pro issue 245

The article! March 2015 PC Pro issue 245