Data Scientist MOOC

Some of you intrepid readers (again, hello mum) may remember I started a MOOC on writing a while ago.  Sadly, work went absolutely mental and I didn’t manage to progress beyond week 3 of 8.  I fully intend to pick it up again in the near future (ah, the joys and benefits of MOOCs!) and complete it.

However; I stumbled across a thread in LinkedIn which pointed me towards a different MOOC site, namely Coursera – this seems to be more US based and is a bit more computer/data-centric.

Anyway, I decided to start out with (because it says 4 weeks and only 1-4 hours a week, so I should be able to manage that) a course called the Data Scientist’s Toolbox, the first of 9 courses in their Data Science specialization. The course will also introduce me to some web-based software called GitHub (I’m sorry, I can’t help but snigger every time I read/write that). Other courses go on to look at R which should be useful; I have currently only used SPSS.

The course starts Monday 2nd February.


One response to “Data Scientist MOOC

  1. How can you even consider software called GitHub? Wait…..your father says he should get to grips with it cos he’s read about it. Enjoy it! I start a more civilised MOOC next month, too.


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