Flu and reading

I had the flu last week. As Grumpy Cat would say – It was awful. Three days in bed not moving. There’s no TV in the bedroom, but I probably wouldn’t have watched it anyway – I didn’t have the patience; the only kind of entertainment I wanted (on the third day; too wiped out sleeping on days 1 and 2 for anything) was one where when I got tired/fed-up I could just close my eyes, sleep for a bit and not have missed anything or need to rewind. God bless books.

Anyway, when contemplating what to read my Kindle* was the best choice, no faffing about with any of that turning pages nonsense which I was far too sick for.

This reminded me of a short-lived boyfriend (um, the relationship was shortlived, hopefully he is still alive today. He was also short though) in my first year at University. Whilst reading together one day we came up with a brilliant idea – the lazyman book. Basically, being lazy students, it seemed to us to be an extreme irritant to have to, once you had yourself all nicely positioned, lying down in bed with the book open so you could see one page, once you had read that page, you would then have to disturb yourself and reposition the book (usually by rolling yourself over) to read the next page.
An ingenious solution was to have books printed where all the pages (not just the odd ones) were on the right hand-side of the book, so after finishing page one, turn over and lo and behold page 2 is instantly visible without you having to turn over in bed or reposition the book. Once you were half way through, you would have to turn once and continue down the left hand side of the book until the book was complete.
We envisaged going into book stores where you could choose either a standard edition or our patented lazyman edition (presumably depending on how interesting the book was).
However, the digital age and e-readers have rendered our invention that, in typical student fashion we discussed and never did anything about, obsolete, as your e-reader also displays all pages on one side without having to roll over – not even at the half-way point.

(It says a lot about the state of our brief relationship that rather than doing student-y things like drinking and um, other student-like activities, we spent our brief time together discussing the laziest way to read books).

*other e-readers are available


3 responses to “Flu and reading

  1. I must know a) who that boy was and b) why you didn’t patent that idea! Totally brilliant. You can reply by private email!!


  2. Hopefully Matt Doe isn’t about to make a financial killing.


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