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Running infographics again

Hello all.

Busy at work – we are in telethon and I am still stat-crunching as the gifts continue to come in from our most successful direct mail ever! Which is terrific as this mailing which landed in january was, of course, the one that I led on during my time heading up the team.  I am currently putting together a presentation with infographics for a team meeting (when I will also be using my whizzy remote), so thought I would update my running infographics, you can check them out below.

I note I also still have not written any race reviews which I said I would so. Oops. Or book reviews of PresentationZen, Score!, Fundraising Analytics etc.. Double oops

My infographic (click on the link)


So, my Christmas presents have been getting a work out – my team have been using the remote for telethon training and presentations, and of course I have been through the book from cover to cover, gearing up for my April staff meeting presentation!