Another TMA down

For those not in the know; a TMA is a Tutor Marked Assignment and I finished my second one (of four) for this course. I had to bring the deadline forward for myself by a week because the actual deadline clashed with the end of a trip to Orlando where I was a) seeing Mickey Mouse b) speaking at a work conference.

It was also a busy time at work, so I was certainly glad of the break, but the combined stress of that and the TMA did fluster me a little. Still, I worked hard and got a good result, so that’s pleasing.

I have felt with this second block of the H800 course a lot more, connected. Like this (distance and online learning) is a topic I actually know something about and feel more like part of the community, rather than an onlooker, trying to break in. I hope this continues

I have been following some people on twitter from the Open University world of MAODE (the programme has been running for 20 years this year)  and would like to attend a conference o Open Education Research or distance/online learning in the future. Those most relevant seem to have already happened this year sadly; I note one ( was at Milton Keynes, fingers crossed I might be able to go next year.


Oh yes, the Toastmasters conference! That went very well and my workshop (Speaking to difficult audiences, delivered with fellow Toastmaster and Mentee Helen) was well received. Hopefully I will get some feedback/official photos that I can share. But I am proud to be able to say that the CEO of Toastmasters International, Dan Rex, was in the front row.



One response to “Another TMA down

  1. Feels good to get the second one out of the way eh!! glad you got a good result – I did too – very happy!!

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