I am a data analyst working in fundraising for Higher Education; I currently head up the Regular Giving and Legacies team for the University of Oxford. I am also a keen (but ill-disciplined) runner, gym-goer and reader. I live in the UK.

In my job I do a lot of data selection, segmentation (for telethons and direct mails) and analysis (of direct mail results, event attendees, direct mail respondents). I also do predictive modelling to support/inform stewardship and data segmentation (for mailings and telethons). Previously, I worked as a Business Analyst and I have brought across skills in improving business processes and scoping requirements.

Like most internet users (both male and female these days I think), I also enjoy pictures of cats with clothes on/in funny poses/with amusing captions.


I aim to use this blog to talk about data analysis, fundraising, statistics, running and other things I feel are relevant or take my fancy. You can find me on twitter and LinkedIn (I don’t do the f- word).  All views are of course, my own and do not represent those of my employer or anyone else.

Please get in touch, I would love to hear what you have to say and any suggestions you think I should be blogging about.


For my MA in Classical Studies with the Open University, I wrote a dissertation about Ancient Greek runners; if you are interested (and why would you not be?!  Running and ancient Greece?!), you can find it on Amazon here.


What do you think?

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