I enjoy cross-stitch. It’s not that hard, just paint by numbers, you just make little Xs everywhere, you even get a chart that tells you where to put them and in what colour. Easy.Meerkats

This was my first little kit, I gave it to my mum for Xmas 2016 (mums are great like that aren’t they? Anyone else would just ask “WTF am I supposed to do with this?”).

I also like knitting, but that’s much harder. Crochet is amazing but too much like alchemy.

My thread box (yup, it certainly doesn’t look that neat anymore), along with the zipped case I carry my bits around in.

UPDATE – the zipped case I carried (past tense) my bits around in. It seems I left it on a plane or somehow otherwise lost it on my journey home. With it I lost, some very useful rounded end metal scissors, a work in progress of some citrus coasters (not too bothered about that but the felt was good stuff), a not yet started project which was to be a card (ok, so I lost a small piece of aida and some threads which can all be replaced, the cute VW button though…well, I have the stitch chart for it). And, the bit that upsets me is I lost a needle-case that I had made and really loved. OK, again yes, I have the pattern, but there was quite a lot of felt involved which I don’t have much off and I put a lot of time into it! Still, at least I enjoyed it for the time I had it I guess; I have a pattern for another one in a recent magazine so I should do that, but TBH at the moment the thought of doing any cross-stitching is making me a bit sad, so I am focusing on my knitting again for a bit instead.



My ill-fated needle case. See, it was cute wasn’t it?



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