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My year of running

I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my year in running. I view my own “running year” as running September to August for reasons too dull to go into (with a target of at least 6 races, including 1 marathon each year) but a fellow blogger reviewed her calendar year, so sod it, so shall I.

2014 saw me:

Do my first obstacle race
Do two races in one day
Get a PB sub 24min in a 5k
Get a 10k PB of 48:44! PB by over a minute.
Get a half marathon PB (in February after having set it October 13).
Pace a running club friend to her half marathon PB (by 7 minutes) – a really phenomenal feeling.

Not a bad year really! Sadly a sub 4 marathon alluded me and consequently I spent June and July sulking. Actually, other than the half in Feb, all those achievements were all in August, October and November…
In March I did a relay (3.6miles) with some people from the work running club, great fun and a definite fixture for 2015.

2015 will see another marathon (MK again) but I think I will shelve the sub 4 plans. At least one more obstacle race is also a must, and check out my local parkrun.

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