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23 Things

I have decided to participate in the 23 Things project, run by the Bodleian Libraries in conjunction with IT.

23 Things is a self-directed course focussing on digital technologies.  there is some good stuff coming up (you can read the full programme here), I am looking forward to presenting information and building an online brand in particular, as well as using images.

Thing 3

This post is for Thing 3 (am I the only one who thinks of Alice in Wonderland at this point?).  I have already said above the weeks/things I am most looking forward to and I have been checking out some of the other participating blogs (I hope this will drive up traffic to my blog!), this one in particular is worth a look:
Procrastination Oxford
I use Twitter already (and try to resist simply retweeting my favourite cat picture) and LinkedIn – but I am sure I could use the SMARTer.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to link up with a few terrific contacts in my industry via social media (being noticed from retweeting, following blogs like this one) and hope to continue that.

I also hope to become more technically competent on WordPress and improving the aesthetics of my site.

Here’s to a fun 23 things!