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23 Things – Thing 7 RSS

Lots of things this week!  Number seven is RSS feeds.

The task is to set one up (which I think I have done now, see the left-hand side of the page somewhere) and then subscribe to a couple.  I managed to find a couple of participants who have RSS feeds and I subscribed via my browser – now when I go to favourites, I can look at feeds or pages.

Do I like them?  Well; the blogs I am really interested in, I subscribe by email, so I get an email whenever things change or a post is added – so what does an RSS feed give me?  Well, I suppose it allows me to check when I want to – say I have a spare half hour and I think “Ok, let’s look at all my feeds” and then I can just look at all the new stuff when I am ready.  The view is quite attractive – no navigating to the individual pages for the new posts, I can just scroll and read – useful if I have missed a few posts and want to catch up all at once.

Will I continue to use them?  I am not sure at the moment – but perhaps I haven’t yet found the right sites!