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More musings on presentations and some updates

Well, what with a busy work schedule getting four mailings (and an email I agreed to do) signed off before the festive break, seeing family, Christmas parties etc I have been pretty busy.  I haven’t even really been running much.  However, I stumbled across a link (retweeted by Garr Reynolds) to another site with an article about speaking with passion.  I investigated the site a bit more closely and found a fantastic infographic post about body language (complete with tips on how to adapt to different situations – asking for a raise, at an interview, making a pitch etc).


But perhaps the most interesting post was on turning a presentation into a story (which we have looked at in previous blog posts).  The blog page tells us that there are, five basic plots/stories:


A hero sets out on a goal, achieves it and then tells us all about their success.  Crucially, in a Quest story you can’t just go home again and carry on as if the Quest hadn’t happened – it must change you or the situation.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Thrown into a new situation which you do not understand, you have to work to understand/be competent in your new environment (and then may well work out it’s not so different after all)

Rags to Riches

You start with nothing (poverty, no power) and through hard work and/or luck, you get richer/more powerful.  They can be similar to Quest stories,  but don’t “end” as such – (a quest has to have an end) so can be useful for people/situations where you have to keep building and building.


A wrong has been done to us/the hero/the company and needs to be avenged – often we need to understand our enemy in order to achieve this.

Love Story

Love, loss and love reestablished (boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back). Both subjects are usually changed by the experience having learned the value of (for instance) commitment, honesty and appreciation.


The article gives examples of the stories (Planet of the Apes as Stranger in a Strange land), relevant situations and even some famous speeches using those ideas, as well as giving us tips on how then to incorporate story elements.  Fantastic!


CASE Update

A week or so ago I posted a brief update on the CASE conference I had just returned from.  The following week, I delivered a presentation to the department on what we had learned, roping in my colleague to deliver one of the slides about a speaker she particularly enjoyed.  To show that I have not totally forgotten everything I learned from 23 Things; I have uploaded the slides to SlideShare* – but I expect they won’t be a lot of use without my accompanying narrative.  Another successful presentation though, which I had positive feedback from the department on!


In other news – I  passed the first part of my Coaching assessment so my guinea pig and I will be working hard in the new year and I did something I have always wanted to do – sponsored a child; a seven year old girl living in rural China. If you are interested, you can read more about sponsoring a child here.


*incredibly easy to use, like bit.ly – I signed in with my LinkedIn account and it worked pretty much instantly.  Terrific!