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23 Things – Things 10 and 11

OK; I am a bit late with this one, apologies, I will get to all my excuses later.

Thing 10 focused on LinkedIn – I already use this and I use it quite a lot.  Here is a link to my profile.  Academia.edu I don’t think I am smart enough for… 😉

I use LinkedIn to network (of course) and also to share things, including my blog posts (though not the ones for 23 Things – I think they are a bit too frequent).  It’s fantastic for looking people up and getting some background on someone before you speak/meet or as a follow-up.  It’s also incredibly useful for job-hunting (which was why I signed up originally; January 2013).

Excuses/Other Activities

Well, I have been:

  • working on my MOOC
  • re-qualifying as a First Aider (St John Ambulance)
  • training to become a running Coach with UK Athletics

I hope to write more about these things in future posts, as well as reviewing some recent races I’ve taken part in, starting with the most recent two and maybe a couple that I have done more than once; I don’t think I will go through my whole back catalogue!