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23 Things – Thing 15 Sharing (my presentation)

Thing 15

Thing 15 asks us to look at sharing our research online – via presentations.

The tool that they highlight is called Prezi – which is a weird non-linear presentation as canvas and zooming rather than slides things.  Here is a Prezi on how to make a Prezi (again, as with googling google and looking up the wiki of wiki, I wait for some kind of spontaneous combustion….
…phew – it seems we’re ok).

You can use other tools to such as Slideshare – there is one by Deepak Chopra on expanding the mind, just have a look at the examples on the homepage.  The Working Dead is fantastic (learn how to spot zombies in your workplace – different types of ineffective  workers and how to handle them).  Slideshare appears to allow you to upload an already created presentation – eg by PowerPoint, so is a lot “easier” than Prezi – just upload something you have already prepared.

My presentation

Will I use either of these tools?  Well, as some astute readers will know (hello Mum) from a previous blog post – last week I used the inspiration I got from Garr Reynolds to present on my team at our departmental meeting.  I felt this was an important thing for me to do – we have recently lost our Head, I have stepped up to be Acting Team Leader, we have two new staff members (new since June/July anyway) and still one vacancy.  I wanted to make sure that people knew we were still around and working (not running a round like a headless chicken – the theme of one particular slide!), what we were working on and about the new name for the team (which I turned into REGAL and then photographed us wearing a crown sat in the posh chairs in the director’s office – I guess you had to be there).

It actually went really well – people enjoyed it, I had lots of compliments but most importantly, it seems to have put us back on the map and in people’s minds again.  People are coming to us with ideas, being more responsive to our approaches, and amusingly REGAL is showing up in documents and conversations now!

It wouldn’t make sense to do a Slideshare or Prezi of this presentation at all – lots of random images with very little text, but it might make sense in the future if I have to present on a specific topic or deliver a training session, which is to be more than a “you had to be there” moment (as arguably that one was) to use one of these tools to share it with colleagues who weren’t present, rather than the wider world.

As you can imagine….I am already planning the next one – perhaps when I get back from CASE in December?