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23 Things – Things 21 & 22

Thing 21

This Thing talks about Skype, Google hangouts and other online tools for discussions.  I have used Skype to chat with family members, and Google Hangouts seems to have grabbed hold of all my text messages on my phone which I don’t really understand and kind of wish it would stop.

From a work context I think the ability to share screens would probably be useful – I can then indicate that I am talking about this figure here and perhaps share my methodology (go to this menu, select this option, perform this action).

Thing 22

Doodle is the subject of this Thing – it’s an online tool which allows you to schedule meetings or activities by setting up options and then emailing over to allow people to choose/vote.  I have not set up a Doodle myself, but have participated in many – in fact, in my circles it is becoming part of the vernacular with people just saying “I’ll set up a doodle…” almost as easily as they would say “Let me just google that”.

That reminds me….I have a doodle survey to complete on when I can make Christmas drinks…I’d better go!