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MOOCs, Websites and Writing

This week heralds me taking part in my first ever MOOC – hosted by FutureLearn, I am doing the Open University’s Start Writing Fiction – an 8 week free course designed to help you…start writing fiction.

Here is my writing notepad that I am supposed to be scribbling ideas in.


This week is week 1 of the MOOC.  There are video/sound clips to watch and listen to, exercises to post on the discussion boards and you can interact with the other learners by reading and posting on their comments or pieces of writing.  FutureLearn also gives you the functionality to follow other students (or tutors) so you can see what they are posting.  This is quite useful as there are a lot of people taking part in the course so the number of comments can be quite overwhelming – focussing on a few “favourite” individuals, limits this problem.

FutureLearn offers lots of free online courses, with regular start dates.  Perhaps I should get my team to all do How to Read Your Boss? There are ones about computing, global health, dentistry (?!) and space. taught by as well as The Open University, Reading, Leeds, the British Council and other Universities .  Well worth a look.


Fun websites

At the weekend I stumbled upon this site by another 23 Thingser and she mentioned me! And was right – of course I meant Dr Seuss, not Alice in Wonderland! anyway; it’s nice to see someone else go through the 23 Things process and see what their experience has been. I could see her point regarding Thing 5 and the personal brand exercises

I also found this site yesterday –
stats with catsexploring statistics, interspersed with pictures of cats. Honestly; what more could you want? Stats with cats.  Needless to say, I have set up an RSS feed from the site!