I am a data enthusiast, doctoral researcher, manager, speaker and lover of EdTech (and cats) working at the amazing Open University in the UK. I once worked for the University of Oxford for four years where I was involved in fundraising, including data, predictive analytics, regular giving campaigns etc and I also spent three years as the person in charge of all the university Rankings at QS (don’t hate me!) and the large, distributed team that helped produce them. This gave me a lot of international experience and exposure to some amazing university leaders.

I enjoy reading fiction on my kindle and doing some knitting or cross-stitch. I am still struggling to get the hang of crochet. I am also the proud owner of an Odeon limitless card. These are all plenty distractions enough from my Doctorate in Education with the OU which I started October 2020 (see the Study link at the top of the page). I live in the UK. I used to run quite a bit (though I was usually middle of the field) but my stint commuting to London got me out of that habit. Lockdown has got me back into it though and obsessed with Zombies. I once thought my marathon days were behind me but never say never though I expect I will not reach the likes of my previous speeds again.

I am a committed Toastmaster and have had some success at this, winning a district wide humorous speech contest. Thanks to this, I have been able to incorporate speaking/presenting into my work-life and learnt how to spell the word “humorous”. You can see this video here

I aim to use this blog to talk about crafts, films, work, my travels and study. You can find me on twitter and LinkedIn (I don’t do the f- word).  My cat, Mr. Grebo also has his own Twitter account

For my MA in Classical Studies with the Open University, I wrote a dissertation about Ancient Greek runners; if you are interested (and why would you not be?!  Running and ancient Greece?!), you can find it on Amazon here.

My other studies (in online learning) can be learned about via the link above as well as my ResearchGate profile.

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Psylina Psays by Selina Griffin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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