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23 Things – Thing 6 Twitter

One of this week’s tasks for 23 things asks me to think about Twitter.  I use Twitter a fair amount for such things as cat pictures (@MYSADCAT @emrgencykittens), sports heroes (@paulajradcliffe, @jopavey, @mo_farah, @usainbolt), comedians (@mindykaling, @themiltonjones, @hughlaurie…) and then some wonderful people in fundraising and analytics who I admire such as @adrainsalmon, @DonorScince, @jenfilla, @FundraisingYoda, @annualfund, @birkholz (review of his book – Fundraising Analytics – coming soon) @kevinmacdonnell and @pbradwylie the writers of Score! (review to follow).

Perhaps I need to find some of my favourite authors to follow?

So, what do I get out of Twitter?  Some light relief, updates on running (how I found out that the men’s world record for the marathon had been beaten at Berlin this year) and it is also useful for work; exchanging ideas, referencing articles and reaching out to like-minded individuals.


It is also great to see some extra blogs are joining in, which I have been checking out.
The next task (see schedule) is on RSS feeds.  Hmmm – I managed to subscribe to one of the new blogs via an RSS feed.  I think.  Let’s save that for Thing 7!